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Promote Your Event with Customized Video "Webisodes": Why just post a boring hotel stock photo and agenda on your website when you can have COLUMBO make a surprise video appearance on members' computer screens via a link on your site, or from a separate email you send? These "webisodes" are a fun, informative and out-of-the-box way to create a buzz and increase attendance! Columbo not only covers the business upside, but also highlights the MANY other reasons to attend (including why members should bring their spouse and/or family by showing the many attractions in the area!) ... And even if a few people aren't familiar with the character, it doesn't matter: he's just this funny guy "inside" their computer, knocking on the screen and revealing important info.

Below are excerpts from four different "webisodes."

You'll see that they're not only great for promoting upcoming conferences and expos. Associations and companies have also taken advantage of this unique promotional tool creating entire campaigns covering topics such as:

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  • Benefits of becoming a member (posted on their "JOIN NOW" page)
  • A follow-up to the conference to keep the buzz going, and at the same time serve as a teaser for next year's big event.
  • Reasons to sign up for accredited courses (on-line or classroom)
  • Encouraging members to send dues in sooner rather than waiting four months into the new year. (Those dues are budgeted into associations' working capital.)
  • Incentive programs …and lots more!

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Think of these as unique "LIVE-ACTION" newsletters, which will have everyone looking forward to the next surprise webisode.

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our MANY satisfied

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PROMOTE YOUR CONFERENCE: Click on the screens below to view excerpts from associations promoting their conferences in Tampa and Lexington. You'll see that in addition to highlighting the business aspect, featured speakers and courses, also included were the social agenda, local attractions, and the venue itself. This all makes for a fun AND informative "commercial" that goes far beyond posting a list of topics along with a stock photo:

View Sample Webisodes
View Sample Webisodes

Click on the screen below
to view a "webisode" that promoted attendance at a mid-year winter conference in Los Cabos, Mexico. The many visuals and graphics served as an enticing "travelogue." In an extended version of this webisode, the business aspect of the conference was also addressed:

View Sample Webisodes

Click on the screens below to view "webisodes" for the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) and the Florida Association of Licensed Investigators (FALI). These webisodes were designed not only to remind members of the many benefits that they might not be taking advantage of, but also of all the great reasons to send in their dues 'sooner rather than later:'

View Sample Webisodes
View Sample Webisode

Regional Chapters

Here's a cost effective way for your regional chapters to take advantage of webisodes for THEIR events! While taping the webisodes for the conference, additional spots will be created specifically for the local or even World-Wide chapters (Columbo is an International Icon). These will be "generic" enough so information about their upcoming meetings & events will be creatively "edited in." Since all of your members will have seen the first one on your site promoting the national conference, (even if they didn't attend), they'll appreciate, not to mention...enjoy, seeing these fun & informative messages created just for them! By having three different "types" of spots, this will allow enough flexibility to have the chapters create their own campaign over the entire year. The good news is because the main headquarters help sponsor the initial taping, the pricing is nominal for the chapters.

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