Imagine everyone's surprise when "The World's Funniest Meeting Crasher"  wanders into your banquet or meeting completely unannounced!

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Whether he's posing as one of TV's most popular characters, COLUMBO (who "interrupts" with his signature line, "just one more thing..."), or a hotel maintenance worker there to fix a problem, what follows is a hilarious personalized program - written, created, and tailored around your key people, and what makes your company or association unique… you laugh the hardest when you're laughing at yourselves!

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SALES MEETINGS - How many PowerPoint presentations can a sales force listen to? By adding a little levity (and a lot of laughter), the attendees will actually retain even more of the message you want them to receive. Think of this program as an inspiring "power nap!" AND, if the information you are covering is especially technical or tedious, let COLUMBO or ROCCO's one-of-a-kind delivery help you convey it in an entertaining way!

BANQUETS - This is the perfect time to highlight your key people and have everyone rolling in the aisles! There's no better way to make your event more memorable than with a surprise, personalized program.

AWARDS DINNERS - Personalized anecdotes about the honorees and their co-workers are really what an awards ceremony is all about!

As much fun as this program is, it also motivates, increases productivity, and brings the group together as a team! Newcomers instantly feel like part of the group as they laugh it up with established veterans, and get to know each other in a fun and unique way!

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