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Have COLUMBO make several  surprise
appearances throughout your event...

A second appearance features the always hilarious
and interactive
COLUMBO Look-A-Like Contest!

"Your Columbo routine at our recent National Sales Meeting had them rolling in the aisles! Our distributors are still talking about what a great time they had. Your method of getting the audience to participate had a very special appeal and added to our program immensely!"

Michael Fisher, Vice President - Besam

A fun and effective way to keep everyone on their toes and reinforce a theme is to have
COLUMBO make several surprise appearances throughout the entire convention. After all, that's his trademark, to continuously show up and utter those famous words, "Excuse me...just one more thing!" PEOPLE CAN'T HELP BUT NOTICE AND PAY ATTENTION!

For this second appearance, what follows is the always hilarious
Columbo Look-A-Like Contest. This is an ideal way to close out the entire meeting as it sends everyone off on a very high note! After selecting several members of the audience (men, women...even some speaking foreign languages!), they are each given a raincoat, note pad and cigar. The tallest person gets the shortest raincoat, the shortest gets the longest. It is absolutely hysterical to watch all the COLUMBO "wanna-be's" in action!

These multiple appearance programs are also quite cost effective as there's not only a sliding scale on multiple appearances, there's an obvious savings on travel expenses as well. No need to fly in additional speakers when you've got that lovable, rumpled detective,

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