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Since everyone will have already seen the hilarious "Webisodes" promoting your conference, when Columbo makes his surprise appearance on the Tradeshow floor, he's greeted like a rock star!

Attendees love it as they get to mix & mingle, take photos and schmooze with him. And even if a few folks aren't familiar with the character, they'll still want their very own Kodak moment. After all, he's that "funny guy inside their computer," and that makes him a people magnet!


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Vendors love it because he's a One-Man Traffic Builder for EVERY booth on the floor!  Getting to know about the vendors before the doors even  open...he's armed with the information to personally escort attendees straight to the vendors they need to connect with. Columbo's high-energy "matchmaking" is A WIN-WIN FOR EVERYONE: Happy attendees, along with happy vendors with more leads and sales, means everyone's coming back next year!

Watch a Trade Show Testimonial:

CyberPatrol Testimonial Trade Show Testimonial
Trade show testimonial - marketing video coupled with a live in-booth appearance.
"At our trade show, we increased our leads by TWELVE HUNDRED PERCENT! Michael was a phenomenal choice for us!
Mary Cardwell
Director of Marketing

A Program for Your Specific Booth

Whether your booth holds 5 or 105, COLUMBO will turn your exhibit into the most talked about one of the show!

As your spokesperson introduces the company's new product line, "you-know-who" wanders in and grabs a seat in the audience!

Your program instantly becomes
comical, memorable and informative as COLUMBO interrupts the "flustered" spokesperson with his hilarious and pointed questions, which actually serve to highlight and drive home those points you really want your buyers to hear!

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