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COMMERCIAL CAMPAIGNS: View selected commercial campaigns, television appearances, sales and marketing video samples and a client testimonial below:

Since this indelible character is a natural for getting across information in a fun and memorable way, advertising agencies have created their television, radio and print campaigns around Michael Pasternak as Columbo.

View a demo not only featuring commercial campaigns, but television appearances… including Jay Leno!

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Selected commercials and television appearances.

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With so many companies now using VIDEO CONFERENCES instead of in-person meetings, imagine Columbo making a "virtual" surprise appearance and waking up all of those who have zoned-out in their cubicle or office.

Or imagine opening up what you think is just another typical company email and  "you know who" suddenly pops up in a brief VIDEO EMAIL reinforcing your company's message in a fun but informative way.


Columbo is the perfect vehicle to get across your very important and even technical points. After all, he always asks the perfect questions, which serve to drive home the points you want your end users to walk away with.

With Columbo, the usual and even boring Talking-Head videos never looked so good. It's as simple as "Just Add Water" or in this case…

"Just Add Columbo"

Here's How:
A straight forward introduction of the new product line followed by a tour of the plant comes alive when Columbo mistakenly wanders onto the "set", looking for jumper cables and interrupting the VP of Sales and the "shoot".  Columbo's fascination with the product, along with his pointed but relentless questions leaves the VP no choice but to invite him along for a video tour, no one will soon forget.

What's terrific with that kind of project is that no expense was added to the sets. The schedule stayed the same. All that was added was Columbo injecting the original script with his humorous questions to move the story along… As easy as "Just Add Water."

The following clip from one such film picks up shortly after Columbo's initial interruption:

''Just Add Columbo'' - Russ Bassett Sales Film ''Just Add Columbo''
Russ Bassett Sales Film

Excerpts from a sales and marketing video introducing
their new product line.

Narrative-Driven Concepts

Other films can take on a more involved look and feel.  For example, a film for Mazda opens with a "bungling burglar"  (an exec for the competition) "stealing" the new Model Truck to see what improvements have been made.  Columbo arrives on the scene, and as always, has a hunch as to who the culprit is, but just needs to find the missing piece of evidence. This film was designed to show the sales force the many benefits of their new model truck. Surely, as the Lieutenant was questioning the "suspects" from the competition, he revealed everything their models lacked, and how they fell miles short of the "Hero" Truck:

Mazda Sales Film Mazda Sales Film
Excerpts from the sales and marketing film introducing
their new truck.

Because Columbo is  a worldwide icon, 
AC Delco reached their global market with this film:

AC Delco Video AC Delco Marketing Video
Excerpts from a global marketing video for GM's aftermarket partner, AC Delco.

A trade show sales video client (who coupled the video with a live booth appearance)  talks about her experience with  Michael Pasternak as COLUMBO:

Sales Video Testimonial Sales Video Testimonial
Sales video and live appearance testimonial from CyberPatrol's
Mary Cardwell.

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