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Highlights from live appearances: meetings, banquets, holiday parties
and trade shows.

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Commercials & Television Appearances:

Commercials and TV Appearances Demo Commercial Campaigns,
Jay Leno and more

Selected commercials and
television appearances.


Police Security Expo

Trade Shows

Trade Show &
Sales Video

CyberPatrol Testimonial Trade Show Testimonial
Trade show testimonial for a
marketing video coupled with
a live in-booth appearance.

Meetings, Banquets
& Awards Dinners

Association, Distributor
& Franchisee Meetings

"Just Add Columbo"
Video Sample:

''Just Add Columbo'' - Russ Bassett Sales Film ''Just Add Columbo''
Russ Bassett Sales Film

Excerpts from a sales and marketing video introducing their new product line.

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International Meetings

Christmas & Holiday Parties

Multiple Appearances
During Your Event

Sales Film

Mazda Sales Video Mazda Sales Video
Excerpts from a sales and marketing video for a new Mazda truck model.

Commercial Campaigns/
Sales & Training Videos

Client List & Rave Reviews

Marketing Film Sample:

AC Delco Video AC Delco Marketing Video
Excerpts from a global marketing video for GM's aftermarket partner, AC Delco.

Video on Demand

Other Characters

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Holiday Video Demo Holiday Video Demo
Sample video from a live appearance
at a company holiday party.

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our MANY satisfied

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Video Testimonials Video Testimonials
Clients comment on their experiences with Michael Pasternak as Columbo.


Video - Other Characters Other Characters
Montage of Michael Pasternak as other fictional and real-life characters.

on Jay Leno:

Leno Appearance Leno Appearance
Michael Pasternak as Columbo on
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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